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Mindy Henderson is a motivational speaker and writer in Austin, TX. Living life from a wheelchair, the challenges she has overcome have pushed her

to achieve great success and now make her uniquely qualified to motivate others.

Her mission is to move and inspire people to realize when they take responsibility and OWN their adversity, they become better, stronger people and their potential is revealed. Mindy helps people see how to live more productively and positively, to roll with the punches and to stop making excuses.



I am one of the (extra) medically vulnerable who, if I contracted this virus, would never recover from it.  As a person who has lived life from a wheelchair, whose body is fighting a progressive condition, who has only 80% of my full lung-capacity on a GOOD day, as a person who has taken 12 tiny […]

Not ‘It’…!

Victim. It's a big word, and not a word that can be discussed (anywhere NEAR) completely in a five to eight paragraph blog post, but it's a word that's been on my heart for a minute, so I thought I'd share some of what I've been noodling on. I like to look up definitions of […]

My REAL Shoe Size

I bought this great pair of boots yesterday.  Super-cute.  I needed something I could wear with short dresses in Fall or Winter, and these are smashing.  Black, suede, very slightly rounded toe, two-and-a-half-inch heel, buckles on the side.  Can't wait to wear them!  OH, and it's the end of boot season, folks, so yes...ON SALE! […]

An Ode to Mascara

We finally met when I was 15, and you made me feel pretty.  I had watched you from afar for so long, but it was forbidden.  You were a fascination, but once I was old enough, it was as good as I thought it would be… I was self-conscious, and shy, and awkward.  My physical […]

What Instead?

Processing disappointment is not my favorite thing to do, but I’ll tell you what, I am a fan of what it has to teach you. I was disappointed today.  There are degrees of disappointment and this was not a small one.  My first instinct was to cry.  To get angry.  To fight it and to […]

What I Know for Sure

Are you ready?  I’m going to give you the magic.  I’m about to tell you the secret of life.  Wait for it.  After years of living, after thousands of wonderful moments and millions of mistakes.  In all my infinite wisdom, this is what I know for sure…I have a lot to learn. What’s even more, […]

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