Patience is a Virtue

In all areas of my life at the moment, the biggest quality I lack is patience. For whatever reason (that frustrates me to no end), stuff that matters takes a really, really long time…promotions, projects, weight loss…so I decided to delve into the very phrase below and deconstruct it’s parts. Enjoy!

P – Perseverance is key. Failure is likely before you succeed.
A – Action is required…things don’t happen by themselves.
T – Time will tell.
I – Instant gratification is a myth.
E – Effort is what will push you forward.
N – Never stop believing in what you’re doing and why you are doing it.
C – Confidence will get you far (note, I did not say self-importance or egocentrism…confidence.).
E – Easy? Never.

I – Intention should drive your outcome. Know why you came to the party.
S – Service – be a servant first in all things. Be the one they all want to be at heart.

A – Attitude (the positive kind) is everything.

V – Victory is imminent.
I – If you’re not interested, don’t do it.
R – Reality is the place where things take time, but are totally worth it.
T – Tomorrow will be here before you know it, and so will your achievements.
U – Underestimation of self is tragic.
E – Entitlement is for losers.

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